Shaftesbury STW

Concrete Repairs, Joint Renewal & Waterproof Coatings

Seaton Sea Wall

Concrete Repairs & Joint Renewal

Leighton Terrace Car Park, Exeter

Concrete Repairs

Poole Sewage Treatment Works, Poole

Concrete Repairs & Cementitious Waterproof Coating

Nelson Close, Exeter

Concrete Repairs and Specialist Coatings

Milford Schools, Yeovil

Concrete Repairs

Devonport Towers, Plymouth

Investigative Survey of cladding panels

A380 Ware Barton & Telegraph Hill (Southbound)

Concrete Repairs and Cathodic Protection

Hurst Castle

Concrete Repairs works to Grade 1 & 2 Listed building.

Bretonside Viaduct, Plymouth

Ford Road, Brays Close, Tiverton & Westexe South, Crediton

Concrete Repairs and Non Slip Coatings to Balconys, Stairways and Walkways.

‘Moby Dick’ Concrete Barge