Poole Sewage Treatment Works, Poole

Concrete Repairs & Cementitious Waterproof Coating

Nelson Close, Exeter

Concrete Repairs and Specialist Coatings

Milford Schools, Yeovil

Concrete Repairs

Devonport Towers, Plymouth

Investigative Survey of cladding panels

A380 Ware Barton & Telegraph Hill (Southbound)

Concrete Repairs and Cathodic Protection

Hurst Castle

Concrete Repairs works to Grade 1 & 2 Listed building.

Bretonside Viaduct, Plymouth

Ford Road, Brays Close, Tiverton & Westexe South, Crediton

Concrete Repairs and Non Slip Coatings to Balconys, Stairways and Walkways.

‘Moby Dick’ Concrete Barge

St Margaret Mary’s Church, Plymstock

St Mary’s Church, Portreath

Mount Wise Pool, Plymouth