160 Armada Way, Plymouth

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Project: 160 Aramada Way, Plymouth
Client: Visa Properties Ltd
Main contractor: SWCR
Work involved: Concrete Repairs, Joint Renewal & Specialist Cleaning
Date: February 2024

The Brief

The building has been in use for years and therefore due to weather and other factors, the building had areas of defective/spalling concrete, loose/perished mortar joints, failed expansion joints and moss, algae and vegetation build up on the external facades, also lead flashing replacement to window heads.

The Solution

1. The defective concrete window heads was removed using mechanical breakers and the steel reinforcement was cleaned and treated. Where necessary new steel was fitted and tie wired to the original. Shuttering sections were constructed and secured. The repairs were then cast using Flexcrete Monomix HD, a pre bagged polymer modified cementitious concrete repair mortar. The shuttering in each area was then stripped and edges made good. The lead flashing was then replaced and then redressed over the repairs.
2. Loose/perished mortar joints were ground out with hand held grinders and repointed to match the existing as close as possible.
3. Expansion joints were cleaned out, new backing foam inserted, edges of joints primed and new joint sealant installed and tooled off flush.
4. All external brickwork and stonework facades were then power washed, fungicidal wash sprayed onto the substrate, left to activate and then again power washed off to clean all moss, algae and vegetation from the building to clean it up.

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