Plymouth Argyle, Plymouth

Project: Plymouth Argyle, Plymouth
Client: Plymouth Argyle
Main contractor: GL Events UK LTD
Work involved: Concrete Repairs
Date: October 2022

The Brief

Within the Plymouth argyle grounds, there were two sets of steps that had several chips throughout. This was due to a new handrail being put in place and when fixed has caused the edges to chip.

The Solution

In order to remedy this SWCR suggested to break out the defective concrete and repair the area.
SWCR decided to use an epoxy mortar to complete the repairs, as the defects were small yet the area was highly trafficked, we decided that an epoxy mortar is the best choice for the repair. After removing the defective concrete using percussive breakers the area was primed before applying the RBS Epoxy Mortar Lightweight– Resin. The area was then finished to the existing substrate profile

In some areas these chips were present on the expansion joints. In this case, the sealant was taken out, the repair applied and the sealant reinstated. This ensured there was a seal between the expansion joint and the concrete.

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