Montpelier School, Plymouth

Project: Plymouth
Client: Montpelier School
Main contractor: King Welsh
Work involved: Concrete Repairs, Crack Stitching & Lead Flashing
Date: August 2022

The Brief

There were five sets of defects to the school identified: defective concrete, failed expansion joints, cracks to brickwork, lack of lead flashing above lintels and the capping to the chimney including several courses of brickwork brickwork was de-bonded.

The Solution

Concrete Repairs:
Each area requiring concrete repair had all defective concrete removed and the reinforcing steel cleaned and treated before shuttering and repairing. SWCR also cleaned primed and painted with anti-carbonation paint for prolonged life.

Lead Works:
Initially new joints were formed and then lengths of lead were then beaten into shape using a custom timber made profiler and a beater. The lead was then lifted into place dressed over and down the face and sealed.

Restoring Chimney Stack:
The capping and courses of unbonded brick were removed. A new fresh course of bricks were bedded onto an existing sound course and a new asphalt covering mounted over the top.

Joint Renewal:
The failed joints were removed, and the substrate cleaned , before inserting new backing foam and priming. A sealant was then applied to the joint and tooled off.

Crack Stitching:
Cracks to the brickwork were ground out and cleaned before applying a resin based gunning mortar into the joint and bedding in a helical tie to increase the lateral strength of the brickwork.

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