Stone Restoration


Stone restoration covers quite a wide range of activities and can be carried out on any masonry structure sea walls, retaining walls, schools, municipal buildings, industrial buildings as well churches, historic and listed buildings.


Hand or pressure gun applied mortars (including lime or historic mortars) to re-point existing masonry.

Feature Repairs

Replacement or repair of natural stone or concrete features such as window reveals, cornices, feature bands or moulded/carved features, using polymer bonded reconstituted stone restoration mortars. Limestone Portland stone bath stone colour intensifiers.

Natural Stone Repairs

Rebuilding damaged or crumbling masonry using traditional methods. Where whole new stone or carved or moulded sections are completely renewed or where defective areas are cut back, steel pins resin anchored in place and new pieces fitted cut and shaped to match.

Strengthening and Re-securing

Using drilling and dowel techniques such as Helifix systems secured with specialist grouts or resins. Loose masonry can be secured and cracks bridged and secured.

Protective Coatings

Clear or coloured protective coatings, impregnating solutions, colour intensifiers, sacrificial coatings can be used to give future protection to the masonry and mortar joints.