Reception Tank, South Petherton

Project: Reception Tank, South Petherton
Client: Sustainable Energy Generation
Main contractor: Ixora Energy
Work involved: Concrete Repairs
Date: February 2023 - March 2023

The Brief

After years of storing lactose based fluids the high alkalinity had caused the surface concrete to erode leaving the steel reinforcement exposed. The bottom 2/3 of the tank needed to be built back up to its original profile and treated to protect from further deterioration.

The Solution

The defective and loose friable concrete was removed using a hydro demolition technique, the steel reinforcement cleaned and treated. Where necessary new steel was fitted and tie wired to the original. Curved shuttering sections were constructed and secured using dywidag bars, drilling and fixing and timber bracing. The new sections were cast using weber advanced concrete a pre bagged high flow, high strength concrete. The shuttering being moved to each new area as work progressed.

After sufficient curing the tank was sprayed with Interline 955 Novalac vinyl Ester to protect against the aggressive chemicals to be stored in the tanks.

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