Drilling & Strengthening


Drilling and Strengthening covers a wide range of activities including:

  • Installing Additional Reinforcement
  • Replacing Defective Reinforcement
  • Replacement of Failed Wall Ties and Fitting Extra Wall Ties
  • Installing New Tie Bars
  • Installation of Anchors and Dowels
  • Crack Stitching
  • Over Casting¬† New Concrete or Repair Mortars
  • Cladding With Strengthening Materials (Glass Fibre etc)¬†
Seaside Concrete reconstruction

The process

Concrete reconstruction

New Dowels drilled into car park deck and lap tied to new reinforcement to tie both concrete sections together.

Man repairing concrete

Cutting the horizontal slots across a vertical crack ready for crack stitching.

Drilling into the bottom of coping stones ready to fit steel dowels before re-fixing.

Concrete seaside reconstruction

Section of sea wall showing a new horizontal bar about to be tied to vertical bars fitted into core holes through centre of the wall.

Concrete reconstruction

New tie bolts fitted and new weld mesh reinforcement fitted to repair crack to floor in a hospital operating theatre.