Waterproofing & Tanking


Preventing the ingress or egress of water from structures such as swimming pools, water tanks, basements, lift pits etc can be problematic. South West Concrete Repairs Ltd have numerous specialist suppliers who have a range of waterproofing and tanking systems.

As well as cementitious slurry coat systems there are bitumen based, glass fibre, plastic sheet membrane, polyester, polyurethane, polymer and resin based systems. Each one designed for specific purposes

Concrete roof
Concrete reconstruction

Leaks to this lift pit needed Fosroc Reneroc Plug, Resin injection and new angle fillets with a final two coat application of cementitious tanking.

Concrete reconstruction

BASF Thoroseal PM used to create a new waterproof render to the walls and screed to the floor of this private swimming pool.

Concrete resconstruction

Cement based Aquatech Tankit and K-X– 11 -11admixture used to seal the floor and wall areas to this partially underground shop floor.

Concrete painting
Concrete Repairs
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The new waste plant on the island of Jersey incorporated a sludge tank linked to the incinerator to utilise household rubbish. The tank needed to be coated with a very hard wearing, chemical resistant coating.  The Bio Perl system manufactured by Max Perles of France was selected.

After gritblasting the walls a new angle fillet was formed at the wall/floor joint. The walls and floor were then primed and given a first coat. A fibre glass membrane was then cut and embedded into the still wet first coat. Another coat was then applied to ensure complete coverage.  On completion of this final topcoat all surfaces electrically tested for full seal using a pinhole and porosity Elcometer tester.