Concrete Repair


Concrete repair has been the main core of our business since its inception back in 1995, originally concentrating on traditional repair techniques. Product and technique advancements have meant we have had to increase our knowledge and diversify our scope of operations so that we can provide a solution to any concrete failure problem. 

There are numerous repair methods and in order to determine the best techniques and products a good understanding of the construction processes and the nature and cause of the failure is essential. South West Concrete Repairs Ltd are Investors in People and have an ongoing training programme which includes manufacturer product training, repair techniques and health & safety training so that our operatives keep ahead of changes within the industry.

Concrete repairs
Concrete repair
Key Factors to be considered

In order to provide our clients with repair solutions that meet their needs the following factors must be considered before submitting detailed proposals. 

  • The design life or client requirement of longevity
  • As a temporary or long term solution
  • The need to restore structural strength
  • To restore the structure back to existing profiles
  • Elimination of corrosive conditions
  • Provision of fire resistance
  • Prevention of further deterioration
  • For appearance only 

Following investigation into the causes of the failure and an assessment of the clients needs and requirements, the best repair technique and most suitable products can be determined.

Repair Techniques
Hand Applied Repair Mortars Polymer and epoxy modified factory blended mortars and concretes
Filling and crack injection  Epoxy, polyurethane resin injection techniques 
Sprayed concrete   Shotcrete, gunnite etc sprayed onto existing surface under pressure  
Recasting with concrete   Shuttering formwork steel fixing and casting new concrete
Flowable grouts & concretes Pre-batched high flow and microporous concretes
Structural Strengthening  Composite strengthening, installing additional reinforcement
Crack Stitching  Bonding across cracks to minimise future movement
Corrosion inhibitors   Migrating corrosion inhibitors to protect reinforcement
Cathodic Protection Sacrificial anodes, galvanic protection
Realkalisation   Electrochemical treatment for carbonated concrete
Chloride Extraction   Electrochemical technique for high chloride content concrete