Specialist Coatings


Specialist coatings can restore surfaces back to original profiles, offer enhanced protection against aggressive environments and give projects  the final decorative fishes required. 

Cementitious, epoxy resins, acrylic resins,  silane- siloxane , polyurethane, oil and water based products are available, designed to suit almost any application. 

Specialist coating
Concrete painting
Cementitious Renders

Used to re-profile defective or eroded concrete, level existing surfaces and give extra cover and protection to embedded steel reinforcement. Can be used to render large areas

Levelling and Brush Coats

Used for filling blowholes and to give a fair faced finish  and also give repaired areas an aesthetic uniform appearance or to act as a base for further coatings.

Sacrificial Graffiti Coatings

These coloured or clear coatings are applied in layers which can be pressure washed clean taking away a layer of the coating and any graffiti or dirt/ grime with it.


Waterproofing coatings applied to basements, swimming pools, damp areas etc to prevent the ingress of water. Some systems can be used internally avoiding the need for major earthworks.

Waterproofing / Impregnating Solutions

Used to seal surfaces where water penetration could prove detrimental, such as the freeze thaw action of water in the structure causing breaking away or spalling of the surfaces.

Corrosion Inhibiting Coatings

Liquid migrating solutions which penetrate the concrete and form a protective layer around the steel reinforcement preserving the steel bars.

Concrete repair roll
Concrete repairs
Bund Linings

Coating normally applied in several layers which protect the structure against  potentially harmful substances such as  petrol and other fuels,  effluent , and other noxious and aggressive chemicals.

Hygiene Coatings

Tough hard-wearing coatings for use in industrial, chemical, food industry environments

Anti-Carbonation Coatings

Coloured and clear coatings available which give excellent anti-carbonation protection, with the coloured coatings giving a hard wearing decorative finish.

Elastomeric Coatings

Most elastomeric coatings also have anti-carbonation qualities but also have crack accommodating abilities as well.