Leighton Terrace Car Park, Exeter

Project: Leighton Terrace Car park, Exeter
Main contractor: Bridge Civil Engineering
Work involved: Concrete Repairs
Date: January 2019

The Brief

The beam on the underside of the car park had various signs of concrete deterioration, spalling, cracks and some areas of exposed reinforcement. Due to the sheer amount of concrete defects to the beam, this posed a health and safety risk and needed to be rectified.

The Solution

Due to the health and safety risk, SWCR had to erect temporary propping to support the soffit above the beam. Once the temporary works were complete SWCR were able to hammer test and mark up the defective areas that needed repairing. Once defective areas were fully identified they were broken out, with hand held breakers to expose the steel reinforcement. Cleaning of corroded steel reinforcement was then carried out including replacement of any badly corroded reinforcement bars and link bars. These areas were then treated with a steel protector/primer. Temporary shuttering was then erected where required and the application of the bonding aid was applied to the existing concrete surface. Concrete repair mortar was then applied to the broken out areas, finished with a float to ensure the surface finish matched the existing. Once the repairs had cured the shuttering was then removed and made good.

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