Poole Sewage Treatment Works, Poole

Project: Poole STW, Pool
Client: Wessex Water
Main contractor: Knights Brown Construction lTD
Work involved: Concrete Repairs & Cementitious Waterproof Coating
Date: February - April 2019

The Brief

Some of the sewage treatment tanks have sustained various stages of corrosion and spalled concrete within them. This is due to chemical reaction Hydrogen Sulphide (H₂S) which very corrosive and flammable. SWCR were asked to assist in the tanks refurbishment to get them back to their full use.

The Solution

SWCR undertook a series of elements to ensure that the tanks were back to full use. We started by cleaning the tanks using a high pressure power washer. Then broke out all the defective and corroded concrete. Cleaned, treated and replaced the steel reinforcement where needed. Once completed we were able to repair the walls to the original profile. The final stage of works was to apply a two full coats of a cementitious waterproof coating to all wall and floors within the tanks.

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