Seaton Sea Wall

Project: Seaton Sea Wall
Client: Environmental Agency
Main contractor: Bridge Civil Engineering
Work involved: Concrete Repairs & Joint Renewal
Date: March 2019

The Brief

Due to sea salt, weather there was found to be expansion joint failure which would need repairing. On further inspection it was noted that there were also defective concrete on the joint edges and on some previous repairs. As part of the maintenance scheme these repairs were undertaken.

The Solution

The defective areas were hammer tested to determine the soundness of the concrete and identify any hollow areas or defects. We then marking out the defect areas, removed the defective concrete back to ‘sound’, any corroded steel was cleaned and treated, an application of bonding bridge was applied and then finally repaired with a concrete repair mortar. To the defective joints, we disc cut both sides of the expansion joint, raked out existing joint to cleave clean, square –cut gap. Primed all surfaces and inserted polythene foam backing cord, applied Sika Pro 3 Joint sealant to the joint and then made it flush.

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