The Esplanade, Exmouth

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Project: The Esplanade, Exmouth
Client: Kier
Work involved: Rendering, New Joints & Joint Renewal
Date: 2019 - July 2020

The Brief

A new sea wall was being constructed at The Esplanade along with a new blockwork built wall around the Flagpole Memorial. These areas needed rendering and new joint sealant to be inserted in-between each new reinforced concrete wall segments.

The Solution

New plastic corner and stop beads were fitted, where necessary, to the new wall. All surfaces that were to be rendered were pre dampened and then an application of with two coats of sand & cement render (with a plasticiser/water proofer additive) It was then finished by steel/wood float and sponge finished .
The joints were cleaned to ensure that all contaminates were removed, a foam backing road placed In the joint and sealed with Sika Flex Pro 3 or Sika Pro 3 SL.
The Joint renewals were completed in the same way with the exception of raking out to remove the existing foam cord, cleaned using angle grinders to remove any contaminants before the backing cord and sealant was completed.

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