Lynher, Tavy & Tamar House, Devonport

Project: Lynher, Tavy & Tamar House Towers, Devonport, Plymouth
Client: Midas / Mi-Space
Main contractor: Plymouth Community Homes
Work involved: Concrete Repairs
Date: June & July 2020

The Brief

Following a Structural Report which had been completed on the 3 Devonport Towers and a further site visit from SWCR, it was found that many of the window heads, cills and reveals were defective and required concrete repairs works to be undertaken on the 3, 15 storey block of flats. Along with the concrete repairs, some new concrete spreaders were
required to be installed on the roof of all 3 Towers.

The Solution

The defective concrete around the windows were hammer tested for soundness, broken out to the depth, width and length required. Once broken out the areas were treated with Intercrete 4871 (Steel Reinforcement Protector 841), Intercrete 4812 (Bonding Bridge 842) & repaired using Intercrete 4803 (Monolite).

We also installed 2 new concrete spreaders per block as per the specific design provided on drawings. We resin anchored 4 steel bars per new spreader, adding further steel reinforcement by bending into shape around the 4 steel anchor bars to form a cage. Once the cage was in place, we then shuttered around it and poured RBS Rapid Concrete into it. Finally after curing overnight, we removed the shuttering and made good.

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