Mount Wise Pools

Project: Mount Wise Pools
Client: Plymouth City Council
Main contractor: SWCR Ltd
Work involved: Concrete Repair & Specialist Coatings
Date: August 2013

The Brief

A large area of the pool base screed had failed; probably due to hydrostatic pressure forcing the sea water up through the screed before it had properly set during construction.

SWCR Ltd has attended the site on an almost annual basis for several years patch repairing the pool, but the middle section of the pool was eventually deemed unfit for purpose and required complete renewal.

The Solution

SWCR Ltd were called in to renew the middle section of screed and carry out any other necessary repairs in order to get the pool ready for the summer season.

The original screed had to be hacked up using electrical breakers and grinders and the concrete below had to be prepared using floor grinders and pressure washing. A primer was applied to the newly prepared concrete surface followed by a new 25mm Ronacrete screed. Another coat of primer and two full coats of Polybond Pool Coating were applied to complete the project.

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