King Alfred School

Project: King Alfred School
Client: King Alfred School
Main contractor: SWH Ltd
Work involved: Cathodic Protection & Anti-Carb’ Coatings
Date: August 2013

The Brief

Concerns over the strength of the roof structure and subsequent structural analytical tests confirmed the need for repair/protection of the existing concrete beams and the fitting of some new structural steel sections.

The Solution

All concrete areas needed to be hammer tested for ‘soundness’ and any defects found were to be repaired using traditional concrete repair methods and finished to match existing profiles. Any defects found were also marked out on the drawings to help make up the Operations Manual. A full electrochemical sacrificial anode system was introduced. QED Chemicals’ Margel VPI 580 units were fitted into pre-drilled holes at specific centres and then the holes repaired over. A final coating of Anti-Carbonation coating was applied to give additional protection.

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