Ford Road, Brays Close, Tiverton & Westexe South, Crediton

Project: Tiverton & Crediton
Client: Mid Devon County Council
Main contractor: South West Concrete Repairs LTD
Work involved: Concrete Repairs and Non Slip Coatings to Balconys, Stairways and Walkways.
Date: January - March 2017

The Brief

The underside of the concrete balconies and staircases to around 70 properties in several different street in Tiverton and Crediton were showing signs of spalling concrete and exposed corroding steel reinforcement.
South West Concrete Repairs were asked by Mid Devon District Council to carry out remedial works to rectify the situation.

The Solution

The damage was being caused by water penetration through the balcony and step surfaces reacting with the steel reinforcement. High pressure power washing to remove contaminants and debris followed by repairs to the surfaces where necessary and then the application of a TorDeck Balcony anti-slip Coating system. The system comprises of a 3 part edge detail and 4 part main walkway system incorporating a fibreglass bridge matting layer.

Once the top surfaces were sealed the undersides could be repaired using the Flexcrete Repair system. Spalling concrete and defective concrete is broken out , steel reinforcement cleaned and treated with Flexcrete steel prime 841, a layer of Flexcrete Bond aid 842 applied before the repair using Flexcrete Monomix polymer modified cementitious repair mortar. Some areas were also treated with a re-profiling repair render to give additional cover over the steel reinforcement before a final application of an ant-carbonation coating of Flexcrete Monodex smooth.

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