Torquay Harbour

The Problem

Years of exposure to the aggressive seaside environment has caused severe deterioration to the concrete elements of the Banjo Pier.

Dawnus Construction were contracted to demolish and re-build parts of the structure and have the remaining areas inspected and repaired as appropriate. Elements from the original pier and promenade needed to be repaired and protected and so SWCR Ltd were called in to assist.

The Solution

Defective concrete and corroded steel reinforcement needed to be broken out and the steel reinforcement treated to prevent further corrosion. Due to the severity of deterioration to the concrete, large areas of concrete had to be broken out and in order to carry out effective repairs, timber shuttering had to be erected and the polymer modified concrete repair mortar pumped/poured into the shuttering.

Alongside the repairs a full electrochemical cathodic protection system was fitted to ensure that integral sites within the structure remained corrosion free.