Cattewater Barges

The Problem

A pair of concrete barges in Cattedown Harbour had some of the concrete ribbing removed previously to fit timber fenders to protect boats tying up to the barges.

Salt water had penetrated into the concrete where the concrete is exposed and the reinforcement within was beginning to corrode causing spalling and cracking.

The Solution

In order to access the areas, the barges needed to be beached. A full concrete survey was carried out in order to determine the condition of the concrete and location and condition of steel reinforcement bars. A range of concrete testing was carried out so that the cause of deterioration and depth of carbonation could be fully determined.

Following the testing, a full report with recommendations of the best course of action for repair was compiled.

A full concrete repair system was adopted in order to repair the damaged areas and a specialist coating applied to give added future protection to the barge.