Ras Rig, HMS Raleigh

The Problem

Situated in HMS Raleigh (a Royal navy training academy), the Ras Rig comprises of two concrete platforms each designed to replicate the deck of a ship. It is used by cadets to practice transferring items from one ship to another (fuel lines etc).

Over the years the non-slip deck coating and concrete underneath have deteriorated—not only is it no longer a true representation of the ships deck, but some areas were so badly eroded that they had become a trip hazard.

The Solution

SWCR Ltd repaired the defective areas using a fast setting patch repair mortar. Once the repairs were carried out, the deck was now flat and could be prepared ready for the coatings.

In order to prepare the deck for the coatings, we needed to power wash it to remove any dirt and surface contaminants. Once the deck has been prepared, we could then start to lay the non-slip floor coating which consisted of a layer of resin with aggregate sprinkled over it whilst tacky and pressed unto place by spike rollers.

Once the floor was dry, we were then able to sweep up any excess aggregate and clear the site.