Pottington Flood Wall, Barnstable

Project: Pottington Flood Wall, Barnstable
Client: Environment Agency
Main contractor: Bridge Civil Engineering
Work involved: Joint Renewal and Concrete Repairs
Date: September 2020

The Brief

Along the flood wall it has become apparent that many of the wall joints had failed and required replacing. There were also some minor repairs which had been found.

The Solution

To renew the joints we first raked out the existing joint, then using a diamond blade grinder to grind all the edges down to leave a clean, square-cut gap. Once clean the surface was primed and a polythene foam backing strip was inserted. The joint was then finished off with a 1 part Polysulphide sealant (Sika Pro3) and tooled off to leave a flush finish.
The minor concrete repairs were broken out, cleaned, primed and repaired using the traditional concrete repaired method.

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