Hoe Promenade

The Problem

The works included the removal of existing paving slabs over the structure, partial removal of the existing structural slabs, strengthening of the structure by constructing a new structural slab over the existing, application of a waterproofing/surfacing membrane, removal of the paint protection system on the underside of the structure, localised concrete repairs, application of  specialist coating finishes to walls and soffits and application of  anti-carbonation coating to the underside of the structure and edge beams, application of new paint system to the existing hand rails.

The Solution

South West Concrete Repairs Ltd were sub-contracted to carry out a survey including testing of the structure to give an overview of the condition, carry out the concrete repairs to defective areas in order to improve the structural integrity and lengthen the life-span of the promenade; and apply specialist cementitious coating finishes to walls, beams and soffits and application of specialist anti-carbonation coatings to provide further protection to the structure and to give a uniform finish once the concrete repairs were complete.