Civic Centre Plymouth

The Problem

Following investigation and survey work carried out by The John Grimes Partnership (Structural Engineers), some pilaster cladding sections were identified as loose due to inferior fixings incapable of resisting the expansive forces created through the deterioration of the reinforced concrete frame to which they were attached. With each pilaster weighing around 25kg any that failed and fell could prove lethal to pedestrians using the building.

The Solution

South West Concrete Repairs were contracted to secure all the pilasters by drilling proprietary concrete screws through the pilasters and into the concrete structure behind. Visibly distorted pilasters or having signs of severe frame distortion behind were removed, the main concrete frame repaired using traditional concrete repair techniques and the pilasters refitted.

Access was made using Masterclimbers fitted to the side of the building supplied by B.F.T Masterclimbing Ltd, and to ensure minimum disruption (dust and noise) to the buildings occupants works were carried out late afternoons, evenings and weekends.