Princesshay, Exeter

The Problem

Underneath several shop canopies there were various signs of concrete deterioration, spalling, cracking and rust staining with some areas of exposed reinforcement.

The Solutions

Each Defective area was Acoustic Hammer Tested and marked out. Once these areas were fully identified they were then broken out, with hand held breakers to expose in and around the steel reinforcement. Cleaning of the steel reinforcement was then carried out including replacement of any badly corroded reinforcement bars. These areas where then treated with a Steel Protector/primer. Temporary shuttering was erected where required and the application of a Bonding Aid was applied to the existing Concrete surface. Concrete Repair mortar was then applied to the broken out areas, finished with a float to ensure the surface finish matched existing. Once the repairs had cured the shuttering was then removed and made good. An application of Fosroc Dekguard Primer was then applied followed by 2 coats of Fosroc Dekguard S Anti-Carbonation Coating