Plymouth Museum

The Problem

Plymouth Museum is a listed building in the Plymouth City Centre. Leaks appearing within the building were traced back to defective coping finish on the low level parapet wall at roof level. The concrete/mortar forming the coping had cracked/spalled and broken apart allowing water to penetrate through into the solid masonry walls underneath.

The Solution

South West Concrete Repairs were contracted to carry out various remedial works to the museum.

The museum was then cleaned using a specialist herbicide cleaning agent to ensure the preservation of the stone. Once cleaned, we were then able to carry out a full survey of defects including hammer testing areas to check for ‘soundness’. Concrete repairs were then carried out along with a program of removal of vegetation, raking out and re-pointing joints and cracks and masonry repairs.

Some of the masonry also needed to be repaired including re-pointing of some of the cut block masonry and the ornate features. Control to the surrounding sound concrete. An anti-carbonation coating was used to provide further protection to the ‘splash’ zone of this roadbridge.