Grain, Kent

Project: Grain, Kent
Client: Alstom Power Ltd
Main contractor: SWCR Ltd
Work involved: Resin Injection Works
Date: March 2009

The Brief

Shrinkage to the concrete after pouring left gaps between the inside of the steel face and new concrete of the newly constructed tank.

The Solution

To drill through steel wall plates and resin inject to suspected hollows behind. The steel wall plates were hammer tested (sounding survey) to identify potential hollow or de-bonded areas. These areas were then marked out. The holes were drilled using a Mag drill and 16mm broaching bit in locations determined on site dependant on extent of hollow identified by hammer testing. Edges were sealed using a two part resin. Injection nipples were fitted with two part epoxy and allowed to cure. Fosroc Nitokit LV repair resin was mixed and poured into the relevant dispensing tubes, inject resin into the hole under pressure to ensure even spread and complete filling of the void. Levels were monitored and topped up accordingly. Once cured, the injection nipples were removed and surfaces made good.

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