Poole Twin Sails

The Problem

The twin sails bridge is a double leaved bascule bridge providing a second road crossing from Poole town centre to Hamworthy. Hochtief (UK) Construction were principle contractor on the £18.5m project constructing two bridge deck leaves which can be lifted using hydraulic rams to allow ships to pass through.

Over 900 tonnes of steel and numerous areas of mass concrete were needed. However, a couple of these concrete pours developed shrinkage cracks and so SWCR Ltd were called in to repair these cracks.

The Solution

SWCR Ltd filled the cracks using the resin injection (polyeurethane/epoxy) method which included: cleaning out the cracks, drilling and fixing injection nipples, apply surface sealant putty to the crack between the injection nipples, allow to set, mix and load the injection gun and connect to the nipples, pump the injection resin, continue to each nipple, allow to set and remove sealant, make good surface of crack using standard repair mortar.