Plymouth Promenade

The Problem

The Promenade was refurbished over 10years ago. The first half of the concrete repairs followed a sand and cement Render and Anti Carbonation coating. Part way through it was recommended that the sand and cement coating should be changed to a poly modified Cementous render, this was eventually agreed and the second half was completed using the revised method.

10 years on the First phase of sand cement render is showing signs of deterioration and needed to be repaired.

The Solutions

Each bay was visually checked for defects and then hammer testing. Once all defects were identified they were broken out and all loose debris was removed. Once broken out the steel was then treated with a Steel Primer. All defective areas were then shuttered and repaired. Once cured an Anti Carbonation coating was applied to the repaired area, blending in with the current promenade colour.

Materials: Flexcrete 841 Steel Primer, Flexcrete Monolite, Flexcrete Bond-Prime, Flexcrete Monodex Smooth, Flexcrete Curing WB and Flexcrete Monomix