Mount Wise Pool, Plymouth

The Problem

The pool paint coating was failing, with bubbling, cracking and flaking areas. The cause was most like due to hydrostatic pressure forcing sea water up through the floor slab during high tides. External works and new drainage works around the pool have been carried out previously, hopefully alleviating the pressure.

The Solutions

A triple headed diamond floor grinder was used to remove all existing coatings from the pool base. Once all the coating were removed a high pressure power wash was carried out to ensure all dust and other contaminates were removed. Defective areas of concrete were uncovered during the preparation process which required repair before moving on to the next stage, renewal of Expansion Joints to the Concrete slab. Once the repairs were complete and fully cured a layer of Coo-Var Dampshield was applied. The Dampshield is a two-component resin membrane that is tolerant to residual moisture in concrete floors. After allowing to cure, two coats of P101 Polyurethane Topcoat was applied to finish the pool.